Wednesday October 3, 2007

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Wednesday October 3, 2007

THIS FRIDAY!!! Buy your favorite messenger a beer..

Kurt Boone in the Daily News!

Tuesday October 2, 2007

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Tuesday October 2, 2007

Zoo York City’s #1 Bike Dispatcher on the job..

Welcome to the family Troy!!

Interbike Master..

EuroAsia Nice..


Check it out from Ft. Collins!!

Tuesday September 25, 2007

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Tuesday September 25, 2007

The Crew!

Thanks to Chrome for the fresh bags!!

My new helmet, Thanks UGALDE!!!

See you at Interbike? I will be at the DD for sure


Friday September 21, 2007

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Friday September 21, 2007

Maclean keeping it real..

Speaking of Old Skool, ran into these guys

on my way home at Thompkins Square Park..

Tuesday September 18, 2007

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Tuesday September 18, 2007

Want to give a shout out to the fastest Aussie I’ve ever met!

This guy makes Alfred and Felipe sweat every time

he comes to NY!

Heal Fast TC!!! Check out Fyxomatosis

From Scooter in Australia:

andy white binned it hard out on a training ride and managed

to put himself in the hospital. he should be getting out tomorrow.

seems he’s managed to fracture 3 vertebrae and give us all

a hell of a fright.

Monday September 17, 2007

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Monday September 17, 2007


Jan from NZ made a great film about global couriers.

The full length version features an interview with Duke

from Elite Couriers (Rest In Peace Brother!)

Godmachine Trailer

Mon Mon’s CMWC Photos

Cool Vid from Whitesnake: XXDays

Campo’s Corner

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Want to say Great Job to everyone who made it out for the Fernando Cuevas benefit ride!! Check out Pictures and Campo’s Write Up on NYVelocity.

Masters Nationals eclipsed the Moon (Posted 9/15/07)

Kissena velodrome riders showed that they are the finest in the
country, and the world amid a beautiful week of weather ( eclipse of the Moon ) and racing at Trexler town, the national mecca for track cycling in the country. Just as Kim and Alex returned from the Messenger world championships victorious, Jared believe it or not captured the national masters points race title against the toughest group in the country – 30 – 35+ yr ….

It is hard for me to believe the dude 10 years ago came up as a youngster and is now a master. Unfortunately, I was not on hand to see it, but by all accounts Jared had a fight on his hands understandably. National Championships do not come easily. Ken Harris made it look easy lapping a super field of 40+ racers for Kissena’s third stars and stripes… The second was James Joseph, the Brooklyn tornado doing a 37 second 500m time trial effortlessly. Other medal winners were Andrew Lacorte, Karl Roessler, Italio Bastianelli, Jerry Martinez, ( who broke away in his 45+ race and gave Shawn Wallace a run for his money ) Laura Summers, (amazing two bronze medals in a very tough womens 30+ field ) Chris Barbaria, Delroy Walters, and someone named John Campo.

The most astonishing thing is Ken and Karl starting the year as cat 5′s and ending up with medals. All of these Kissena velodrome riders did the track and themselves very proud. The fact that the track that no one wants to come to, has produced this amout of talent, proves it isn’t the equipment but the riders that produce champions. Our Saturday program is a community affair and has produced a bucket load of up and coming talent such as Tyler Mattia, Matt Pascale, Kym Perfetto, Beth O’Brien, Mary Lynne Williams, David Bachman, Jason Yen, Lance Woodbury, Marius Farioletti, Tadeusz Marszalek to name a few. The basics are taught by me, but the riders themselves push the program to excell each week. The after school program also is producing juniors to racing giving us Noland Montiel and Stephanie Torres. With Fern Cuevas sick and unable to continue our Thurs. Junior racing, CRCA’s junior coach Eugene Boronow we hope will take up that cause. The Twilight racing series saw a lot of new talent surface this year, with Kim and Karl winning the best up and coming rider awards, and Chris Price, Kamani Nielsen tearing up the C’s.

On Laborday we had Josh Rechnitz win the Delroy Walters/Merckx cup. Dan Lim won the overall A field and David Correia the B’s. The Pee Wee’s were in force and the Chariot was won by a Little David Correia, but all the kids were winners getting trophies. Next year we are in the planning stages of having two racing nights possibly Wed & Thurs. So we can have more racing per category – Masters 35-45+, womens, junior, on Thurs. This was thought of so we can have more racing for the ever enlarging A,B,&C Fields…on Wed. It has always been my hope to get us better, and more, as far as a facility goes. My work along with Delroy, Jared,Diedre,
Alan,Joe,Charlie,John Kamen, and many many others over the last twenty years working with City Goverment has produced repairs, programs, and donations for track racing.

However I have never lost sight of the fact that we need more, and deserve more. CRCA President Ken Harris, Alan Atwood, and myself are on the same page on this subject thankfully. We are trying to bring another track to the NYC area, that can be used all year not just for the 6 months of good or semi good weather we have in the Northeast. I know this is a monumental task, and although we have tried and failed before. (Brooklyn velodrome, Harlem Velodrome, 2012 Olympics) but with the new popularity of the fixed gear bike and track racing, we hope we can have a world class velodrome like ADT in LA here in New York. Why in light of all the national champions and medals we won at Masters Nationals, and the talent we are sending to Senior Nationals maybe all riders should have to come to Kissena to qualify for Nationals???

Dare we think someone from Kissena Velodrome can make it to China next summer to try for one of the 18 medals up for grabs…

Stay tuned….
the cat

Sponsors Check It Out

Print this out and post it yeah!

Pulling a pace line
– Road and Track – grits and taters

Fundamentals are the most overlooked skill in cycling. In almost all other sports fundamentals are taught young sport fans participating and non-participating alike.

Anyone can tell you what encroachment means in Football – walking in Basketball – baulking in baseball and so on. However in cycling how many times have you jumped off the front and two riders bridge up to you, you think cool I have help only to find they have no pace line skills and cut your wheel, pull too hard, or can not pull at all because of the effort they have just made to catch you. This is common and the reason is – the only criterion for cyclists has always been, who goes the fastest, gets to be a pro the quickest.

Not that it has not worked for this long but at some point some poor schlemiel will be hired to teach this person fundamentals. Good luck. Stories of former glory don’t work.

On the track a standard for riders is being developed as we speak. Halleluiah!

Common mistakes and solutions – show me what you’re working with…
Inconsistent pace
Think / count cadence
Close gaps gradually
Maintain gap 6 or fewer inches on the track.
Keep your wheel a tire width to one side or the other of the wheel in front of you to give yourself a way out incase of mishap.
No sudden movements
Brake lightly – no sudden stops
Pulling off the front -
Signal the rider behind you by an elbow – Right elbow means you want the rider to pass you to the right and left elbow means you want the rider to pass you on the left.
Move over gradually and drift to the back – on the road call out hazards. On the track look over right shoulder peripherally to check riders coming up on you. If a lap count is being kept call out the #.

On the road stay close to the riders next to you, keep the group parallel and tight, don’t pull off too far, leave enough room to clear handlebars. Beware of fast downhills and steep up-hills, which require the group to be aware of slower riders – decisions might have to be made.

It is always easier to keep the group together. Sometimes someone might have to play drill sergeant to accomplish this. Riders on the front never coast.
On the track or road never overlap wheels – never bump handlebars.

Up from the back – Who is baggin’ and who is haulin’…
This is a very hard pace line where the front rider must be passed by the riders behind at top speed. On the road in turns passing is transferred in the line right to left and depending if the turn will allow a pass. Right turns pull to right and etc. Keep your eyes open – lead riders might not have enough breath to yell a warning.
Single or Double pace line – you have to start somewhere…

Either of which can be rotated or not – when not rotating a rider takes his turn at the front either for a set measurement of terra firma or duration of time. It is okay to put a hand on your neighbor to maintain a safe distance coming back or pulling through especially on the track.

There is no better way to gain respect of other riders than by showing your skill in these fundamentals. The tour is so afraid of the way Discovery can pull a pace line they have eliminated the team time trail. Why? It works.

Saturday September 15, 2007

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Saturday September 15, 2007

I am working with Campo on a benefit ride for


A ride from the Central Park Boathouse to Nyack and back!

With after party in Manhattan, location TBA. Save the date

SUNDAY 10/14/07 Rain or Shine!!!

Do you know Fernando? Read a great interview with him



Masters Nationals Eclipsed the Moon

Kissena velodrome riders showed that they are the finest in the country, and the world amid a beautiful week of weather ( eclipse of the Moon ) and racing at Trexler town, the national mecca for track cycling in the country. Just as Kym and Alex returned from the Messenger world championships victorious, Jared believe it or not captured the national masters points race title against the toughest group in the country – 30 – 35+ yr ….


From Strom in Switzerland..



Thursday September 13, 2007

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Thursday September 13, 2007

Well what can I say, It’s been a long time coming!!!


We are open for business!! The site will be built up

in the coming weeks, stay tuned and if you need a

Bicycle Messenger in New York City,

You know who to call!

Thanks to Sean at Pentagon Studios

for these KILLER! 3D renderings!!

Want to See More!?!?

The New York Bike Messenger Foundation will be tabling at Union Square South this Tuesday, September 18 from Noon until 2pm.

We will be handing out NYBMF postcards and also Know Your Rights manuals.

I have been working with a lot of different people for two years on this safety campaign for New York City.

The campaign, called LOOK, was developed to raise awareness among drivers and bike riders about cyclists’ right to the road and everyone’s responsibility to drive and ride safely and be aware in traffic. It will run in English and Spanish on bus shelters, buses, taxi tops and phone kiosks this fall, and there will be a website, posters, postcards, t-shirts and other give-aways to promote cyclist safety.

The ads were produced by international ad firm Publicis in consultation with the NYC Bike Coalition, the City Departments of Transportation & Health, the NYPD, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission and the Office of the Public Advocate.

The DOT will be handing out free helmets and there will be other giveaways as well!

Please stop by if you can and help us get the word out!

Tuesday September 4, 2007

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Tuesday September 4, 2007

Pee Wee Race from Kissena yesterday-

Martinis and babysitting at the track-

NYC brings home many medals from


Former Messenger and Monster Track winner

Lacorte vs Watson..

More Masters Nationals pictures from