Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2017 !

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Want to say Thanks to everybody who was a part of my vida loca this year! We lost some great people and dealt with some major stress from this that and the other amirite.

So proud and happy to see my kids growing and thriving right before my eyes. They are every bit the healthy barbarians I wished for and am enjoying being a part of their development even when they drive me and their Mom nuts haha.

Big Thanks to my business partner Marc Maclean. You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Also want to shout out Jen, Jesse, Andrii and Sean for helping us thru the holiday mayhem.

Our clients are great to work with and am regularly amazed at how friendly and caring they can be!

Francis and I earlier this week

Our buds at 1 Penn Mess Center are the absolute greatest.

I started working with Manhattan Portage on November 1st. Will be riding at Cyclehawk half the week and doing design and promotions at MP the other half. Have some awesome plans in the works including a Street Team and Pro Messenger Line.

Please have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday!

All the Best for 2017, We Got This!!!

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