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  • Escape From New York Fun Ride 2017

    Posted on February 27th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Working with Track or Die NYC on this summer’s ride of your life !!

    Check the FB Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381477725257265/

    We did it in 2010 and 2011 too, check the archives:

    2011 Tattoo Checkpoint at Tuff City LES:

    Holler !!!

    MessQueen X Manhattan Portage Neck Warmer

    Posted on February 27th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Thanks Courtney for stitching up 10 rad neck warmers for a Manhattan Portage Collaboration !


    It’s a nylon/spandex blend on the outside with reflective printing for extra visibility! Sweat wicking material on the inside to help keep dry.

    Neck Warmers are crucial for bike messengers in the cold weather!

    Chachi on the job keeping toasty !

    Caro making all weather deliveries look easy !

    Here We Go Winter 2017

    Posted on January 9th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Happy Monday Yo, Hope Everyone had an Awesome Weekend! I met up with Jen from Dragonfly on Tuesday. It was a tough work day, forty degrees and steady rain.

    Was psyched to hook her up with the new Manhattan Portage Empire XX that I helped design.

    It was brick on Friday, met up with DBlocks by NYC Velo on 2nd Ave.

    He got the Camo Empire XX. Holler!

    Worked Saturday in the snow storm, it was crazy but I had only seven jobs and was done by 1:30pm.

    Sledding with the Fam on Sunday. Keiran was Rockin a contractor bag, Weeksville Represent!

    Super Sodee on the Fly

    Have the Best Week and Please Ride Safely !


    Posted on January 2nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Check the full story here: http://www.fox5ny.com/news/226700281-story


    T.O.D. Holiday Sandwiches 2016

    Posted on January 2nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Happy Holidays and All the Best for 2017 !

    Posted on December 23rd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Want to say Thanks to everybody who was a part of my vida loca this year! We lost some great people and dealt with some major stress from this that and the other amirite.

    So proud and happy to see my kids growing and thriving right before my eyes. They are every bit the healthy barbarians I wished for and am enjoying being a part of their development even when they drive me and their Mom nuts haha.

    Big Thanks to my business partner Marc Maclean. You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Also want to shout out Jen, Jesse, Andrii and Sean for helping us thru the holiday mayhem.

    Our clients are great to work with and am regularly amazed at how friendly and caring they can be!

    Francis and I earlier this week

    Our buds at 1 Penn Mess Center are the absolute greatest.

    I started working with Manhattan Portage on November 1st. Will be riding at Cyclehawk half the week and doing design and promotions at MP the other half. Have some awesome plans in the works including a Street Team and Pro Messenger Line.

    Please have a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday!

    All the Best for 2017, We Got This!!!

    Andy Zalan 2017 Courier Calendar

    Posted on December 19th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Thanks Homie! Free Download at andyzalan.com

    Toys for Tots Alleycat NYC 2016

    Posted on December 18th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    We gathered about 20 presents for Safe Horizon at this years Toys for Tots Alleycat

    Weather was tough this week, day of had a good amount of snow !

    Eight Warriors of the Tundra braved the holiday crowds and about as many brought wrapped presents!

    Kayla from @roleypoleyracing delivered for her crew

    Andrew came all the way from Nyack and wrangled 2nd place

    Nillie got 6th overall and best chestnut selfie And! best wrapping job

    James pulled the Overall Win for a second year straight

    Thanks to All the Awesome people who helped out and participated!

    Rad Prizes for the Riders

    NYC Velo hosted a checkpoint just like last year
    Urban Stems helped out with the wrapping checkpoint
    Manhattan Portage donated prizes and received everyone’s presents at their store in soho
    Kryptonite donated lights and prizes
    Continental donated tubes and prizes

    Check more pics at #toysfortotsalleycat !

    Nick catching the moment at Double Down

    Thank You, See You Next Year and Happy Holidays to All !!!

    Toys for Tots Alleycat

    Posted on December 12th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2245154855625718/

    Working with Caro to provide toys for children at Safe Horizon

    We can’t do it without You! Come thru this Saturday and be a part of it.

    Check Out Last Year’s Write Up: http://www.cyclehawk.com/toys-for-tots-alleycat-2015/

    Thanks! Kryptonite and Manhattan Portage and Continental for providing giveaways to Riders

    See You Saturday, Snow or Shine!

    L’Equipe Fous Du Guidon

    Posted on December 12th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off


    Feel lucky to be interviewed by L’Equipe crew when I was in Paris for the Cycle Messenger World Championships this past summer! Picture above shows me explaining how I would choke pedestrians and taxi drivers when I was younger.