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  • Happy Saturday

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    Toys for Tots Alleycat 2017 !

    Posted on December 18th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Aaaay !!! Good Times had by all and we collected $1,215 in gift cards for families at https://www.safehorizon.org/ !!!

    We got postcards and stickers for DIY spoke cards

    Had some eggnog at the start, Eleven strong hit the streets for the alleycat !

    Special Thanks and Shout Out to Zev and Katrina, they donated $750 worth of gift cards !!!

    Alex had the best selfies haha

    James took the win third year in a row, Threepeat !!!

    We had lots of Awesome prizes Thanks to our sponsors



    Manhattan Portage

    Nick came thru, Thanks Homie !!!

    Also want to shout out our event partners:

    Urban Stems

    NYC Velo

    Double Down Saloon NYC

    Ride Safe Y’All and See You Next Year !!!

    at work 10/19/17

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    I Love New York

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    photo Richard Drew/AP

    Article: Christian Science Monitor

    Was interviewed about the bike lane tragedy earlier this week. My heart goes out to all the families and victims. Please Be Safe and Live for the Moment and Create Positive Memories with Your Loved Ones Amirite.

    Warriors Fun Ride 2018

    Posted on September 26th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Teaming up with TOD crew once again !!!

    Peep Some:
    WARRIORS 2016
    WARRIORS 2014



    Escape From New York Fun Ride Basics

    Posted on June 29th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    500 Points for Team in costume
    500 Points for working boombox with tape deck
    follow @efnyfunride

    Registration at/by 25 Jay St. in Dumbo, Brooklyn.
    Download WeTransfer app for video bonus points**

    Group Ride from Dumbo to the City via Manhattan Bridge.

    Points Awarded at the following checkpoints as follows:

    50 points for Success*
    20 points for FAIL
    -20 points for No Show

    Assemble and Fly Glider / Basketball / Acting / Spin The Cube / Arm Wrestle

    *Top three teams at each challenge receive additional 100, 50, 20 Bonus Points.

    Tattoo Checkpoint:
    One tattoo per team. $25 per Tattoo. 100 points for $25 tip or more.

    After checkpoints are completed teams will rendezvous at the Library for group photo and points tally.

    Top Teams will battle for the Tape and President and Escape From New York to Win the Game.

    Team Captains are responsible to keep track of points, to be verified by USPF.

    **Shoot landscape style video (10 seconds or less) at checkpoints of you and your crew.
    Upload via WeTransfer and email to EFNY2017@gmail.com
    Include Team Name and Checkpoint in the subject line.
    100 points awarded per video within reason.
    Video may be used in documentary of event.

    This Weekend…

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    Escape From New York Fun Ride Trailer

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    Sister City Cat Helsinki X NYC

    Posted on May 30th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Want to shout out Kim and Helsinki crew for being an awesome Sister City and Brandon in NYC for doing all the heavy lifting at our event !!!

    Sister City Cat is in it’s fourth year and supports the host city for the Cycle Messenger World Championships. This year we are raising money for Montreal @cmwc2017 !

    About fifty heads came thru for NYC event and 12 of them raced ! haha. Was a good time had by all and in addition to entry fee B$ raised mo money with a lockfoot 3′s game :cool:

    First Place

    Nat won a Manhattan Portage Bag and Becky got a Kryptonite Messenger Collection Ulock

    Second Place

    Kelsey and James Finished Strong. Thanks Manhattan Portage for the bag and Kryptonite for the lights !!!

    @bonesthrow Rocked 3rd Place

    Photos by @lockfootposi Thanks !!!

    Prize pile night of

    I picked these up today from Helsinki Crew !!!
    I will hit up winners to distro.
    If you were there Holler at me !

    Ando won the Dice Game

    Format was Dope ! Pick a checkpoint out da hat and roundtrip it back to the park

    The Prez was in attendance keeping morale high

    Check it:
    Sister City Helsinki Event:
    Sister City NYC:
    Sister City FB Group:

    Continental Bicycle 2017

    Posted on May 11th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Yeah You Know !!!

    Caro and Genesiss Photos by Takuya


    Holler ! http://www.continental-tires.com/bicycle