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  • Bruja’s Revenge

    Posted on November 1st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    This past Friday I worked a checkpoint for Caro’s Race, BRUJA’S REVENGE!
    This was the second annual and competition was open to all those who identify as ladies!

    Photos by Meg: @mtotheegg aka http://www.megwachter.com/

    Cheers to all who came thru and made it a most memorable event fo sho!

    Special Thanks to All the sponsors who are supporting ladies in urban bike and especially Kryptonite for their support this year and last

    and! Manhattan Portage for sponsoring this years top prize of Roundtrip Airfare to the 25th Annual Cycle Messenger World Championships to be held in Montreal August 12-13, 2017. FB: https://www.facebook.com/cmwc2017/

    Congratulations Grace from Queens on taking the Big Win!! See You in Montreal : )

    Thanks Meg for coming thru in the clutch with all these Rad Photos!!!

    Shoutout to these rad companies as well for helping out big time:
    ReLoad Bags
    Vessel Workshop
    God and Famous
    SPRSTR Bags
    Mer Bags
    Hold Fast
    East River Bar

    Did a little Q and A with Caro, Check it!

    Who Are You:

    Im Caro Ruiz :) the flower girl of new york city haha

    Where Are You From:

    im originally from san antonio texas, moved out to new york may 4th of 2015!

    How long have you been a bike messenger:

    i became a messenger my second week in nyc, im coming up on a year and 6 months!

    Why do you love your job so much:

    i absolutely love riding my bike, and delivering flowers 8 hours a day, no matter how crappy the weather is, to see others smile makes its all worth it. im about others happiness before mine for sure, my job helps me w sending happiness to others all day.


    Why did you organize Bruja’s Revenge:

    i organized this event again this year because i was beyond happy w how many women had such a great time in 2015, a lot of first timers came out and were ecstatic that they completed their first alleycat, that they couldnt wait for next years.. so it was only right to keep the ball rollin for more women to race their first time w mala bruja, and provide such a positive, welcoming fun experience for women to race in this alleycat.

    Why should sponsors be interested in your event:

    sponsors should be interested in this event because i feel this gives such a fun, positive, competitive and great experience for all women to test their abilities on the streets of manhattan. a great way for sponsors to get their name out there in such a way, that ladies will snag their sponsored item and talk about how they won this item and how awesome this item is or works ! a word of mouth from a memorable, happy, experience being passed around in such a positive way.


    Why are more ladies participating in urban bike now:

    its an empowering feeling, sense of freedom for more women to ride and feel more comfortable riding in the streets of new york, or in general.

    Do you have a favorite season and why:

    i’d say my fav season is fall. colours of the leaves start changing, jacket weather and im also no longer sweating buckets w a helmet on haha

    What gives you the strength to move forward when times are tough:

    the fact that im in new york w no family here deff keeps me movinf forward. also, im aware that what i do motivates others, how hard i work, throwing events and remaining positive through it all, i dont ever like letting anyone down, especially anyone who looks up to me or i motivate. so the thought of all of that runs through my head and makes me snap out of any unmotivated thoughts i have, plus my boyfriend constantly pushes me to power through it all.

    What do you see yourself doing in five years:

    in 5 years, i have zero clue! i deff see myself on a bike, still throwing these motivaiting races for women,trans folks, hopefully traveling more and throwing events in other cities, even working in other cities. i have no plan on where ill be in 5 years, i just know im guna stay motivated, stay wearing a helmet and keep pedal pushin’

    Positive thought for the world:

    no matter who thinks how crazy your passions are, dreams seem to be, do what makes YOU happy. make YOURself proud of what YOU do. be happy within yourself and all your positivie vibes will rub off onto other people and motivate others in a way you wouldnt believe.

    Bern Cyclehawk

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    Found this vid that Carlos edited for Interbike 2011 with Sunny D on the Mic!

    Slow Roll Detroit X Kryptonite Street Light Series

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    and peep my write up from 2014: http://www.cyclehawk.com/best-of-times/#.V3Kgl5OAOko

    Check the New Pharaoh Kickstarter

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    Click HERE to check the kickstarter page for Katherine’s Awesome Project : )

    Red Hook Crit

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    This Weekend!

    Road To Redhook from Serena Rio on Vimeo.

    Thanks Serena!

    Current Affairs

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    Happy Spring Yo

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    Pops is hosting the 17th today!

    Ride Safe and Hope to See You :)

    Toys for Tots Alleycat 2015

    Posted on December 16th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Worked with Caro to organize this years Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat.
    We collected more than 30 toys to benefit families at Safe Horizons Shelter in Harlem.


    Thanks to all the sponsors, riders and checkpoint crews that made it happen!

    Metroflect brought the Reflective Spokecards

    Hold Fast

    Uptown Riders Rolled Deep

    Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat has been happening on and off since 2008 which Crihs organized.
    Check the FB Event Page for more Pics and Vids

    Kimbra won for the Ladies!

    James took the overall, Nice!

    We mobbed Toys R Us in Times Square to get presents, who’s got pics?

    Crankshift Crew held down the gift wrap checkpoint at Lasker Rink

    Thanks FWOD for rocking the Rock Center Tree Checkpoint!

    Carriage Horse Selfie Aww Yeah!



    Lockfoot Posi kept it weird at NYSE Tree downtown.

    NYC VELO hosted the finish, Holler!

    Nick won best gift AND worst wrapped

    Afterparty was at Double Down

    Bubbles at Tompkins



    See You Next Year Fo Sho!!!