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  • North American Cycle Courier Championships

    Posted on September 9th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Was lucky enough to make it to the 18th Annual NACCC in Denver this past weekend. Was a short trip for me
    (I blame my kids! haha) but well needed and appreciated.


    Special Thanks to Kryptonite Crew for getting me out there and my Cyclehawk Posse for holding down the Biz!


    It was an epic event, well organized and friendly. Had a lot of fun holding down the NYC NACCC 2016 checkpoint at qualifiers with Meryl.


    Feels a little surreal to say but I have been part of these awesome events and community for well more than 20 years now. My priorities have changed but I still love it dearly and am proud to be a part of the magic!


    Tons of great photos and stories from Denver are popping up, just do a #DenverNACCC search and you will be jammed with goodness.


    Props to @womensbma give them a follow if you on IG!


    Congratulations to the winners above all Kelly from Montreal and Austin from NYC for winning the main event. Milwaukee won the bid to host in 2017, Holler!



    Full results posted at Denver NACCC FB Page

    @megandean #internationalpartychair







    NICE WORK DENVER!!! #would


    Posted on August 21st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Saturday August 22, 3PM. Meet at BK side of the Williamsburg Bridge Bike Path
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1623530531251025/


    Posted on August 21st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off



    Posted on August 13th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    So Sad to hear Dave did not make it. Love You Bro. Thanks for the Posi Vibes and the Help. You Will Be Remembered!!! Your benefit party was epic and I’m so glad I got to see the outpouring of love for you from the community. Photo by Daniel Leeb

    This Guy!

    Posted on July 27th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Such a Great Person, Heal Up Fast Brother! Hope to See You All Soon!!!

    FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/491071887727300/491085647725924/

    Go Fund Me (come on now and pony up $5 if you can’t make it to the events!):

    Figure 8 Velodrome

    Posted on June 8th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    So this is happening, This month in Maspeth, Queens!

    In the mid 90′s the human powered roller coaster rocked Canada and there have been many attempts to bring it back since then. I worked on it for a few years with some crazy foos, check the archived page here
    Props to Nadir who has done this event wild style in the past and is bringing it to California in September:



    Conquista Cycling Quarterly

    Posted on May 19th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Photos by Tino Check the issue online CONQUISTA

    Bike Jumble

    Posted on May 8th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    NYBMF will be at BIKE JUMBLE tomorrow raising money for NACCC 2016 NYC!

    THANKS HARRY! Bike Jumble is by the Old Stone House See You There

    Kryptyonite Messenger Collection

    Posted on May 5th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Got to hang with the Kryptonite Crew for a bit at Bike Expo on Friday!

    Got the New Catalog with photos by Takuya !

    Wuttup Brandon

    Scooped a set of the WheelNutz from the Messenger Collection, Holler!

    Kidical Mass

    Posted on April 26th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Famalam hit up Kidical Mass Today!