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  • Sunday April 15, 2007

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    Sunday April 15, 2007

    Monday April 9, 2007

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    Monday April 9, 2007

    Tadeusz for the WIN!!

    More Pictures from Marco

    TODD’S RACE REPORT (from yesterday’s Category 3/4 Central Park Spring Series Race!)

    From the start 4 or 5 Merril Lynch guys got to the front and where driving hard so I decided
    to watch Dimitry from behind his rear wheel. Neither Affinity or Babylon were present.
    The field started to strech after the hill. Shortly me and 6 other riders got a gap.

    Orcutt and Dimitry were attacking but I was responding to Dimitry only. Soon, Dimitry attacked
    with me on his wheel, we exchanged a couple pulls, “Sanchez” bridged and we were free
    for 3.5 laps till the finish.Dimitry pulled a lot. Sanchez was accelerating hard after my pulls
    so I had to bridge right after pulling a lot of times (fucker lol).

    Before the finish, around columbus circle, Sanchez attacked twice. We were slowly approaching
    the finish, watching each other like in a match sprint. Dimitry jumped, I jumped,
    Sanchez didn’t have it. I got it by a bike length at the line.
    I’m leading the series with 3 more races.

    Sunday April 8, 2007

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    Sunday April 8, 2007

    What the!? RICHMOND STYLE!

    Kevin Dillard at Slaughterama

    Trudy’s Pictures

    Friday April 6, 2007

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    Friday April 6, 2007

    Carlos strikes again! Track City Films: Velo City 2007 Promo

    Special Thanks to DEATH MOLD NYC SPORE CORE
    for the music!

    Tuesday April 3, 2007

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    Tuesday April 3, 2007

    Chicago Rocks Out! With their fresh set up IRO Sprints!!

    Tell ‘Em Val!!

    and Brean! Damn Brother, good to see you too!

    April Fools, NYC!

    Sunday March 25, 2007

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    Sunday March 25, 2007

    Photo by John Rogers

    Rode to the Bohemian Garden and Beer Hall yesterday. It was great
    weather to cruise thru Queens and kick a few pints with good friends!

    Friday March 23, 2007

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    Friday March 23, 2007

    Want to send out a lot of positive energy
    and shout outs to my true friend of many years
    Love You Brother!!!

    I was interviewed by Andrew David Watson
    yesterday, he is working on a piece for current tv.
    Check out this one he did about Philadelphia Bike Culture


    Thursday March 22, 2007

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    Thursday March 22, 2007



    photo by FREEWAY

    Wednesday March 21, 2007

    Chitah is one of my Homies from a ways back! He is hosting King of Spring
    It is gonna be ILL BISCUITS!!!

    for more info check out PBMA


    Carlos Updated the MT site, Check It!

    Monday March 19, 2007

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    Monday March 19, 2007

    TRACKOSAURUS REX posted a link to Amy’s Site


    Monster Track 2007

    Bigger Version

    Felipe on the wheel at the Trackstar X DQM Show

    Tuesday March 13, 2007

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    Tuesday March 13, 2007

    Tadeusz is crushing fools in the Cat 3/4 field at Central Park!

    Photo By: Andrew Kozak

    From the man himself:
    It was completely dark for the first lap,
    hard to see the wet white lines.
    Right before start, after talking to some guys,
    Tyler said it is going to be fast. He was right,
    my legs were burning for the first couple miles
    but then I warmed up and it was cool.
    We dropped more then half of the 3/4 field on the first lap.
    I got second in the field sprint.

    Got some goodies for the Velo City Tour from
    Crank Brothers and Kryptonite
    THANKS!!! Our Sponsors ROCK!

    Subway is doing a bicycle promotion in Manhattan today,
    the King caught up with the crew at 8th and Forty-Duece..

    Friday March 9, 2007
    18 degrees 10:01 a.m. Rocking my custom painted Bern!

    Artwork by Greg Ugalde