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  • Brokelyn on Warriors Fun Ride

    Posted on October 1st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Leila from the Kodiaks did a sweet write up on the Warriors Ride

    Check it at BROKELYN Holler!

    Warriors from Takuya

    Posted on September 2nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Yes Tak! THANKS YO!!!

    Best of Times

    Posted on August 25th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    31 Gangs rallied in the Bronx Saturday Evening!

    Photo by Takuya

    Crews from Boston, DC, and Philly made it out, even one cat came all the way from Atlanta!

    All told about 300 people took part in the event, Huge Thanks to Shardy and the volunteer network that rallied to host an epic all night ride!

    Local sponsors included Bronx Beer Hall, CC Cyclery, Times Up, North Brooklyn Cycles, Gnostic Tattoo and NY Parks Department.

    Dropouts at the Bronx Beer Hall

    Leaf and Gnostic crew cranked out the body art

    NBKC saved the BBQ, THANKS YO!

    CC Cyclery (530 E 13th St. NYC) hosted Karaoke

    Thanks so much to Boombotix, R.E. Load and Kryptonite Locks and Chrome for providing support and Prizes!!

    Boombotix and Times Up made the Sumo Challenge Happen

    It was a great mix of Old and New School with several gangs who took place in the first Warriors Fun Ride (way back in 2002) returning to ride with a host of new blood.

    Pitbulls and Hooligans rolled deep, DC Represent!

    Strangers from Boston and Kung Fools from Philly, Holler!

    Slow-Meos Group Photo

    Chelsea kept it real for the kids and knuckle dusted a socialite at Tandem

    Pellham Parkway Villains Rocked the Graff Challenge

    Pink Lizzies Aww Yeah!

    Shardy posted all the manifests on instagram for a paperless event. Hashtag #warriorsnyc generated well more than 1000 posts during the ride, how ya like that!

    Always a tough decision to award the Best Colors prize of $1000.
    In the end we left it on the beach with the final challenge, Tug of War.

    Congratulations to the Bronx own Wall Street Wolves for coming out on top, Nice Work Y’All!!!

    Lots more pictures, video and results to come. All the ones I’m using in this post I got from IG.
    Let me know if you want a photo credit!

    Until next time Warriors,Ride Safe and See You on the Street!

    Hardstyle Times Square

    Pool Challenge

    Electric Vikings

    Hardstyle BK. Thanks NYPD for being so cool!

    96th St. Original Movie Filming Location

    Most Photographed! Corey the Courier

    It’s On Tonite!

    Posted on August 23rd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Follow @warriorsnyc on instagram for all the crucial deets. Look for me and Shardy in the park not far from the 242nd St/Broadway Station. We’ll be there at 6pm, Ride starts at Sundown. Holler! #warriorsnyc

    CMWC 2014 Mexico City Viddie

    Posted on August 23rd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Say Word!

    The Making of the Kryptonite Messenger Collection – Part 2

    Posted on August 21st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Holler! Kryptonite Lock

    Thanks Roland!

    Posted on August 21st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Roland has been stitching up custom prize bigs for the messenger community for well more than ten years!!

    A signature R.E.Load bag is a trophy that you can make a living with.

    Psyched to see Roland this Saturday for Warriors, coming through with his crew and some custom wallets for an untouchable gang!

    Thanks for the years of support!!!

    I Can Dig It!

    Posted on August 20th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Thanks @stayalivenyc for the poster!
    Friday Pre-Reg at Chrome Store NYC 238 Mulberry St. from 5-8pm
    Saturday meet up at Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx at 242nd St. and Broadway 6pm, ride at Sundown!
    Facebook and click here for more info and online reg
    Don’t forget to follow @warriorsnyc on instajams for crucial night of blasts. Holler!

    Happy Friday Yo!

    Posted on August 15th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Wishing the Best for You and Your Crew!!!

    The Making of the Kryptonite Messenger Collection

    Posted on August 12th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off


    Check It! Kryptonite