Toys for Tots Alleycat 2015

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Worked with Caro to organize this years Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat.
We collected more than 30 toys to benefit families at Safe Horizons Shelter in Harlem.

Thanks to all the sponsors, riders and checkpoint crews that made it happen!

Metroflect brought the Reflective Spokecards

Hold Fast

Uptown Riders Rolled Deep

Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat has been happening on and off since 2008 which Crihs organized.
Check the FB Event Page for more Pics and Vids

Kimbra won for the Ladies!

James took the overall, Nice!

We mobbed Toys R Us in Times Square to get presents, who’s got pics?

Crankshift Crew held down the gift wrap checkpoint at Lasker Rink

Thanks FWOD for rocking the Rock Center Tree Checkpoint!

Carriage Horse Selfie Aww Yeah!



Lockfoot Posi kept it weird at NYSE Tree downtown.

NYC VELO hosted the finish, Holler!

Nick won best gift AND worst wrapped

Afterparty was at Double Down

Bubbles at Tompkins



See You Next Year Fo Sho!!!

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