The WARRIORS Alleycat NYC August 24-25, 2002
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Gangs' Websites are Popping Up:
Check out: made by Mike Kuhle & Kevin Roddy. And NoWay Admiral - M.A.D. SCUL has posted this site:

Send us Your Pix and Stories

We need one gang picture and one other picture from your adventures that night. Plus email us your story of what happened to your gang and we'll link your info to the race results page.

We have heard of some photo galleries that have already been posted. Please send us their addresses so we can make links.

When is the next Warriors Fun Ride?

HAHAHAHAHahahahahaha. . . . stay tuned, boppers!

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Manhattan Portage, ltd.
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     Update... Sorry for the delay.
We needed a break after all the work we did to put the Warriors Fun Ride together.
Here are some of the results:
     85 registered gangs.
     593 riders in total.
     52 gangs actually made it to
     Coney Island.
Overall winning gang:
     Los Banditos - NYC
Coed winning gang:
     Ridge St. Wrenches - NYC
Best all women gang:
     Las Cherezas - NYC
Best out-of-town gang:
     Slapshot - Toronto
Best gang costume:
Split decision...
     Electric Vikings - NYC
     Cutters - San Francisco
Two tickets to the CMWC
in Copenhagen go to:

     John - NYC
     Ellie - Philadelphia

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then updated by Tone on July 1st. . . and then Hermes took it away from greedy little Tone again.

Many thanks to this site:
It was an absolute wealth of pix and sounds from the film that we used in this site.

10/2 : We will update this site as we can, send any bright ideas to: