The WARRIORS Alleycat NYC August24-25, 2002
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Foremost we thank our Loyal and Generaous 'Gold Star' sponsors. Since 1996 Manhattan Portage and Elite Couriers have invested time, money, and encouragement for the New York messenger community.

Special thanx also to these cool people...

Park Slope Brewery * Swobo * Reload * Bailey Bag Works * Phil Wood * Bagjack * Chrome Bags * Fresh Samantha * NYBMA * Sophie's Bar * Serenity * DJ No Self Control * See Squat * The Ship's Mast Bar * We Live In Public * Pirate * Mama's Food Shop * Kingpin NYC * KSK Films * The Corner Deli * 555 Soul


Do you wanna ride with us? As usual we are throwing a world class event on a shoe-string budget. We have a bitchin' network of hardworking volunteers. We do this for fun, to conquer with love.

We need gear for prizes, we need money for the main prize (plane tickets) and also for operating costs. . . . .

. . . Interested?email