The WARRIORS Alleycat NYC August24-25, 2002
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Outlaw Gang Racing: Nine soldiers max per gang. Make sure and wear your colors! All soldiers must stay together, but not all soldiers will finish. Who will get "busted"? Who will get "iced"?

Random Competitions will eliminate some of your gang. Trivia contests, mud wrestling and scavenger hunts will all be a part of it.

Multiple parties in NYC and Brooklyn will be mandatory stops throughout the night. Watch the movie for valuable clues and hints to routes and parties. Memorize the gangs! They could be your friends or enemies.

Watch out for The Rogues, a renegade crew whose only mission is to fuck with the other gangs, slowing them down and messing with their heads. Get eliminated from your gang and you join The Rogues!

The Start of the Race will be sundown in the Bronx, site TBA. Finish will be at Coney Island in Brooklyn at Dawn. You will be taking the train at some point during the night. There will be rest (party) periods during the night. Pay attention to the movie!

Prizes and after-party TBA. Come race with us and then fly to the Worlds! Any questions? email: