Gold Sprints Tomorrow!! And! Boda Boda June 14!!!

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Doing Billing

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Rocking the House Music

See You This Eve

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At the Chrome Store NYC


Velocity Rims for Velo City Tour

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Just got these in! Will be sending some to Kenosha for April 28 and some to Mexico City for CMWC.
Big Thanks to Velocity USA for all the support over the years. Holler!

Cognition 100

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Honored to be included in the Big 100th issue of San Francisco’s Cognition!

Thanks Carla! You Da Best : )

Thanks Kris!

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I dropped off Sonia today and grabbed a citibike by Nostrand. Switched it up at the Willy B Bridge and ran into the homegirl Kris @chubbycruiser doing the Bike Ambassador thang!

Made the photo of the day on BIKENYC.ORG Holler!

Velo City IX Brrrrrrrr!!!

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Wow it was cold on Sunday! I don’t think it got above 30 degrees all day. Really psyched and humbled that about 50 people made it out in the extreme weather for some Hot Fire Racing!

Photo by CMACAY

We had 11 Messengers and 12 City bikers so it was an easy split for two fields.

Iliana, Roz and Rosael repped strong for the Ladies!

Edmund Cesar and Carlos took top spots for City Bikers

Fish and Chris were racing with the Messengers but not going for the Mexico City ticket. They hammered the field all day with consistent 1-2 finishes.

Photo by Jesse

Thanks Brean for running the program and Fox for all around awesome help!

Photo by Jesse

Messenger field was tight, Wilis and Safa tied for points! Safa is a Mexico City local repping for Leader Bikes and he graciously agreed that Willis is the NYC Velo City ticket winner!

Photo by Jesse

Congrats Wilis! Repping KING KOG ! Going to CMWC Mexico City compliments of Bern Unlimited !!

w/Fabian and Safa

Junior and Gabe for best first timers!! Safa donated his prize of Nitto Bars and Stem to Junior. Holler!

Yes Tak! Thanks for being event photographer!!

Photo by CMACAY

Group Photo by Takuya Sakomoto

Thanks Zipments for the gloves and Chrome Industries for the cool shirts!

Also gear coming in this week from Velocity USA and Continental !!

Big Thanks to Amy and my bro James for bringing the kids out!!
Up Next Kenosha April 28!!!


Sunday Group Ride

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Thanks Josh and Bern Crew!

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Swooping the Title sponsor slot for this years Velo City Tour! Bern Unlimited crew is flying the top rider from NYC and Kenosha to CMWC Mexico City !!!

I have been rocking no other since 2005! Remember kids, before you rip you better Bern haha!!!

Kissena Opening Day 2004

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This is where it all started for a bunch of us.
Thanks Jen for the Awesome Video!!

Photo by Amy