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  • Red Hook Crit

    Posted on April 27th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    This Weekend!

    Road To Redhook from Serena Rio on Vimeo.

    Thanks Serena!

    Current Affairs

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    Happy Spring Yo

    Posted on April 1st, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Pops is hosting the 17th today!

    Ride Safe and Hope to See You :)

    Toys for Tots Alleycat 2015

    Posted on December 16th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Worked with Caro to organize this years Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat.
    We collected more than 30 toys to benefit families at Safe Horizons Shelter in Harlem.


    Thanks to all the sponsors, riders and checkpoint crews that made it happen!

    Metroflect brought the Reflective Spokecards

    Hold Fast

    Uptown Riders Rolled Deep

    Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat has been happening on and off since 2008 which Crihs organized.
    Check the FB Event Page for more Pics and Vids

    Kimbra won for the Ladies!

    James took the overall, Nice!

    We mobbed Toys R Us in Times Square to get presents, who’s got pics?

    Crankshift Crew held down the gift wrap checkpoint at Lasker Rink

    Thanks FWOD for rocking the Rock Center Tree Checkpoint!

    Carriage Horse Selfie Aww Yeah!



    Lockfoot Posi kept it weird at NYSE Tree downtown.

    NYC VELO hosted the finish, Holler!

    Nick won best gift AND worst wrapped

    Afterparty was at Double Down

    Bubbles at Tompkins



    See You Next Year Fo Sho!!!

    This Weekend NYC

    Posted on December 10th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Saturday December 12 starting at Noon. FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1671427583125401/

    1st Ever Annual Open Invitational East Coast Cargo Bike Championship Battle

    Saturday December 12 starting at 6:30pm:

    South of Chambers St. Alleycat

    Sunday December 13 2PM:

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1497044360590631/


    Sly and Robbie The Best of Sly & Robbie In Dub

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    Friday Nite NYC

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    Bern Masterlink

    Posted on November 23rd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Big Thanks to Bern crew for sending Masterlink Rain Jackets for me and Mala Bruja !!!


    Mad Style!



    Posted on November 2nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    More than Sixty Ladies turned out to race Hellcat

    Photo: Kurt


    Kenya and Caro held it down All Night!

    Photo: Carlos J Guzman

    Photo: Kurt

    Kim took First

    Iliana took Second

    Becky took Third

    Was an amazing event, much needed and appreciated!


    Full results and Sponsor Shout Outs on the way…

    Photo: CJGuzman

    Photo: David Gustafa

    Ride Safe and See You on the Street!!!

    Photo CJGuzman

    2015 Messenger Appreciation Day Alleycat

    Posted on October 22nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off