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  • Toys for Tots Alleycat 2015

    Posted on December 16th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Worked with Caro to organize this years Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat.
    We collected more than 30 toys to benefit families at Safe Horizons Shelter in Harlem.


    Thanks to all the sponsors, riders and checkpoint crews that made it happen!

    Metroflect brought the Reflective Spokecards

    Hold Fast

    Uptown Riders Rolled Deep

    Toys for Tots NYC Alleycat has been happening on and off since 2008 which Crihs organized.
    Check the FB Event Page for more Pics and Vids

    Kimbra won for the Ladies!

    James took the overall, Nice!

    We mobbed Toys R Us in Times Square to get presents, who’s got pics?

    Crankshift Crew held down the gift wrap checkpoint at Lasker Rink

    Thanks FWOD for rocking the Rock Center Tree Checkpoint!

    Carriage Horse Selfie Aww Yeah!



    Lockfoot Posi kept it weird at NYSE Tree downtown.

    NYC VELO hosted the finish, Holler!

    Nick won best gift AND worst wrapped

    Afterparty was at Double Down

    Bubbles at Tompkins



    See You Next Year Fo Sho!!!

    This Weekend NYC

    Posted on December 10th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Saturday December 12 starting at Noon. FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1671427583125401/

    1st Ever Annual Open Invitational East Coast Cargo Bike Championship Battle

    Saturday December 12 starting at 6:30pm:

    South of Chambers St. Alleycat

    Sunday December 13 2PM:

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1497044360590631/


    Sly and Robbie The Best of Sly & Robbie In Dub

    Posted on December 6th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Friday Nite NYC

    Posted on December 2nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Bern Masterlink

    Posted on November 23rd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Big Thanks to Bern crew for sending Masterlink Rain Jackets for me and Mala Bruja !!!


    Mad Style!



    Posted on November 2nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    More than Sixty Ladies turned out to race Hellcat

    Photo: Kurt


    Kenya and Caro held it down All Night!

    Photo: Carlos J Guzman

    Photo: Kurt

    Kim took First

    Iliana took Second

    Becky took Third

    Was an amazing event, much needed and appreciated!


    Full results and Sponsor Shout Outs on the way…

    Photo: CJGuzman

    Photo: David Gustafa

    Ride Safe and See You on the Street!!!

    Photo CJGuzman

    2015 Messenger Appreciation Day Alleycat

    Posted on October 22nd, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Mala Bruja Presents Hellcat NYC 2015

    Posted on October 20th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Props to Mala y Bruja AKA @malabrujanyc kicking it live for all the ladies on HellNight!

    Top gear from more than Thirty sponsors so come on out and represent!

    Top Bruja gets R/T Airfare to CMWC Paris 2016 Say Word.
    Special Thanks to All the Sponsors especially Bern and Kryptonite and Outdoor Tech and Chrome
    for helping cover the plane ticket!!!

    With a nod to the old skool, checkpoints are already posted, this is anyladies game.

    See You There! Peep the Event Pages on FB too: Hell Cat and Monster Mash

    Yes Mo!

    Posted on October 6th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    Hope to See You Again Soon, Thanks for the Pics!

    More Here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mortimerslomo/albums/72157655375929575
    Keirin Berlin And! Save Keirin Berlin FB AND!! @keirinberlin Holler!


    Posted on September 11th, by Squid in Blog. Comments Off

    The first ‘official’ North American Cycle Courier Championships was held in Montreal, 1998. 

    The inspiration for that event and the true origin of this grand tradition was held on July 4th Weekend in New York City, 1997. 

    Minnieapolis Crew

    As I am (ok at this point was) traveling to Denver Colorado for the 18th Annual (right now on the A train), I am inspired to tell a little story about how I perceive this all coming to be. 

    I started working as a bike messenger in September of 1992. I luckily survived long enough to fall in love with the job and quickly gravitated towards the extreme satisfaction of what my Los Angeles compatriots might categorize as ‘Fixie Foo’. 

    Rebecca at Times Square Checkpoint

    This is all pre cell phone and internet and as such my community at the time consisted of my brother and the yahoos we worked with at Champion Courier.

    We hung with messengers from other companies after work at Washington Square Park mostly in the summer and played tag on our ‘fixies’, drank mad forties and smoked tons o blunts. 

    A good life, free of responsibility for me at the time. 

    The first organized messenger competition I ever heard of was CMWC London 1994.

    Can’t remember where I read about it but my mind was instantly blown. 

    I imagined a live traffic event with real deliveries testing the limits of who was the ultimate warrion (that’s a female/male version of warrior that I just made up).

    As fate would have it I went to a hardcore punk show at Dos Blockos on the lower east side of Manhattan in the late summer of 1994. Was there with my buddy Pierre (I think), we had been hangin at Tompkins Square Park and somehow or another ended up at the show not far away near the corner of 9th St. and Ave C.

    Turns out one of the bands that played was Endangered Feces! The lead singer was a bike messenger in Boston named Eli. He and his awesome girlfriend Corinne saw our bikes locked up out front and we all chatted heartily about #messlife etc. they told me that the CMWC was to be held in Toronto Canada 1995 and invited me to go with them. 

    I gave them my contact info, pretty sure it was my Moms address and phone number in Queens as I was transient at the time.

    Best Checkpoint: Polaroids at Washington Square (way ahead of the selfie game)

    Lo and Behold I ended going to CMWC 95 in a van with a bunch of hardcore Boston ne’er do wells and had the mutha-f’in time of my life. 

    Funny aside is that I met several NYC messengers that I knew by sight there, including James (The General/007) Moore and Felipe (NYC King) Robayo. 

    That’s a whole nother story though and not gonna do it justice right now as I’m on the plane ordering some merlot and hoping to finish this up before I get too loaded nawmean.

    Anyhoo I was spiritually inspired to organize a messenger event in my city! As crazy as it sounded to my family and friends I hosted the first modern day U.S. Halloween Alleycat on October 31, 1995.

    Amazingly nobody died and Champions were born, friendships created and a spark became a fire.

    I went on a ten year tear of organizing insane events which ultimately culminated at the 13th Annual CMWC NYC in 2005. Yet another good story I’m not going to get into on this flight haha.

    After CMWC Toronto 95 all of North America was kick started into organizing alley cats and events. The CMWC in San Francisco 96 further juiced the mess fam. And for me the ‘fixed gear no brakes’ alleycat there proved that things were getting bigger and better. 

    Of course all of this was before cell phones/internet and was extremely punk rock. My insincere condolences to you hashtag kids who don’t know about squatting or freight hopping, sorry you will never experience the epic rawness of your forbearers #lol.

    Back to NACCC! After traveling to alleycats in Boston, Philly, DC and Montreal I decided to invite all NA cities (and beyond) to a do or die no holds barred event in NYC on July 4, 1997.

    I galvanized my community and mailed flyers and posters to almost 20 cities around the world.

    In the year leading up to it I went to as many events as possible, notably the Chicago Memorial Day Weekend jam where along with my small but completely insane crew we enamored three cities to come party with us.

    Also a Montreal alleycat in December 96 that solidified Toronto and Montreal crews attendance. 

    All said and done 8 cities and more than 100 riders participated at Apocolips 97 on July 4. 

    Call me crazy but this event also originated the modern day alley cat spoke card!?

    My idea was to give a souvenir to each rider for their $5 investment to the madness.

    More than that I wanted to bestow a token of protection on each participant.

    I purchased two decks of tarot cards at the local LES witch shop and had some Philly kids number them the eve of. Still got mine! Apropos I got the hanged man’ signifying guilt or culpability for hosting the event. 

    I was so proud that the top female and male were from Minneapolis and Toronto respectively. Having out of towners win proved that a level field was provided.

    Amber (Minneapolis) and Alex (Toronto) NACCC Zero Champions

    The flyers that were mailed out months in advance had all the checkpoints marked. Grand prize for female and male was roundtrip airfare to Barcelona CMWC! It was anybody’s game and so many kids played to win. 

    We ended up at the (at the time) abandoned Brooklyn waterfront in Williamsburg (surreally this area is now populated by high rise apartments for the mega rich). 

    Two good friends of mine Ryan and Dave (RIP DAVE!) brewed 300 bottles of Apocolips Brew. Also my buddy InShane donated an ounce of mushrooms.

    We BBQ’d and drank and tripped on the waterfront. Seeing the Macy’s fireworks on shrooms and home brew reflected in the east river (as above so below) was a moment I will hold dear until I jump this planet on a ufo or something. 

    After the waterfront jam we did a group ride to the after party at a squat on South 1st St. One of you old farts who is reading this tell me the name of the Boston cat who ended up in the hospital on that ride. 

    Several punk bands played at Johenio’s spot. Notably the Wives (NYC) killed it (!) and hilariously (to me at least) the Dregs (NYC) ended up fist fighting Booze Ass (Toronto).
    It was July 4 Weekend in the mad 90′s. M80′s were flying like hungry pigeons.

    One of my stand out memories was Chicago getting (understandably) mega pissed at M80 tossage. I think it was Jack Blackfelt who yelled ‘Don’t Fuck with Chicago!’ and rode off with his crew only to ride back a few minutes later and ask ‘How do you get to Flatbush Ave from here?’

    OK I got a good buzz on now and been rambling for a bit I guess. Just want to shout out all my old skool peeps and encourage you young goons to organize more rad jams.

    Ride Safe and See You on the Street !

    Welcome Home NACCC NYC 2016